New Taylor Message!

A sunny day in Nashville = hi !
I'm sitting here in my living room, saying hello and I love you. I'm so excited to hear your responses and kind, sweet things you've said about the new video! Yay! It's been a pretty cool morning: Cheerios for breakfast, a management meeting where millions of little career decisions were made, and now a full day of things to do ahead of me. Which means I won't be bored today. Which means I'm smiling right now. And I hope you know I'm so thankful for all the love you send my way on TaylorConnect.

I'm gonna go work on another video blog now.



Taylor Singing Mine in CMA Music Festival

Taylor singing her hit song ''Mine''. i just want to say that she look's so beautiful. and she sang ''Mine'' very well. her voice just totally rocks.

''Mine'' Music Video!

Watch the official music video of Taylor Swift's newest single ''Mine''. the video look's so amazing & Taylor look's stunning. this is the best Taylor video for me.

''Mine'' World Premiere Photos!

Entertainment Weekly Magazine Scans!

Entertainment Weekly Interview!

EW: Do you remember the moment when you finished the track list and how that felt? TS: I finished the track list about two months ago. I don’t stop writing songs when I have enough songs to make an album. For the last two years, I have just been trying to beat what I have on this list of potential songs for the record. 

EW: I would think that working on an album is stressful. But when you talk about working on Speak Now, you seem so happy. Was it a joyful process? Or was there a stressful part to making it? TS: There is a stressful and joyful element to making an album. For me, I’m either incredibly stressed or overjoyed, and the way that usually goes is that if I’ve just written a song, I’m the happiest you will ever see me. But if I haven’t written a song in a week and a half, I am more stressed than you will ever, ever see me at any other point. If I haven’t written a song in more than about nine days, that’s when I start to zone out in the middle of conversations because I’m thinking about what I could be writing about next. For me, it’s just such a fun challenge to constantly be writing and constantly be trying to top what you just wrote. It’s one of my favorite games to play—trying to beat what I’ve written last. What I wrote last is something I got really excited about when I wrote it, but I know I could write something better. But it’s just a really fun thing to go through. 

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''Mine'' Music Video Captures